Projects created based on customer vs. location

Hey everyone! Right now there's three ideas out there all based around allowing projects to be created based on customer instead of a single location: COMMUNITY-I-184COMMUNITY-I-420COMMUNITY-I-1489 Make sure to vote for these ideas so we can have bet...

bdanielson by New Contributor II
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Tagging based on form answers

I need jobs to be tagged based on answers to questions on forms. I found two separate ideas for this- please go vote for these!!COMMUNITY-I-1050COMMUNITY-I-1681

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Copy an estimate into a new job

It would be nice to copy an estimate, as an estimate, from a completed/exported job into a new job. Example: a customer now wants to go ahead with a job from discussions several months ago. From the past discussion they want to make only a few change...

Resolved! Membership Recurring Service Time Frame

We are trying to find out if we can set a maintenance membership so therecurring service is set to a certain time frame. Some customers have moreequipment than others so it takes longer to complete their maintenancevisit for a membership. We would li...

dyan_the by New Contributor II
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Project Billing for Materials Stored

Does anyone know how to set up a project so that we can bill for materials purchased prior to starting the job? With the HVAC equipment market as it is we are ordering equipment before we even start rough in on a project. We want to bill for this equ...

michelew1 by New Contributor II
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Discounts To Services

Has anyone found a way to apply a Discount to a Service and NOT to materials at the invoice stage of a job?

d1nonly10 by New Contributor
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New Construction Estimates - Suggestions Welcome

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to share of how one could reduce the amount of time it takes to create on estimate for new construction jobs? We currently use estimate templates/proposal templates for our change out jobs, but I am unable to...

ECSoffice1 by New Contributor II
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Eliminate an extra step in job booking

Whenever we create a job, in order to add a price and the description of the job, we need to add a task in the invoice. I believe that this is an unnecessary extra step and we can do all that while creating a job itself.

Jason by New Contributor
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Completed Recurring Service Event Showing "Not Attempted"

Frequently, completed Recurring Service Events are showing as "not attempted" once a job is done. The job has been scheduled from the recurring service event and properly completed. Why would this happen? Does it show "not completed" if something was...

vtadros9 by New Contributor II
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Updating equipment history

Hey all, not sure if this is the right section, but I've been trying to figure out how to go about updating equipment history on the office side of things. We have a few large commercial customers and we're wanting to track the intervals of time betw...

bdanielson by New Contributor II
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