Job Costing

We have recently started looking at the job costing and I need advice. For your labor burden, I know the standard items to add but should we include vehicle expenses, truck payments, uniforms and IPads? These are all items that are directly related t...

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Job History By Location - Report For Customer

We have only been using Service Titan for a year, so we are still learning where/how to find a lot of info. I need to be able to print a work history report for a client that shows job history at one specific location. Bonus points if I can edit/refi...

Removing Tags That Shouldn't Be Attached

For the last few months, when our installers complete any installation job, 3 tags that had not been applied to the job, suddenly show up without any interaction from the person completing the job. Inspection, Agreement Visit, and Home Sale Inspectio...

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Customer Name (Print) Box - Electronic Signature

We would like to see a box for customers to print their names before or after a signature is provided. A lot of times, customers dispute invoices because the signature given at the time of service is illegible, claim it was not them signing it, or th...


When you make a payment, it just shows "visa" We have customer with multiple cards on file and if they call and ask which card we ran, we have no way of telling. I would like to see if it would at least put the last 4 of the card so we can tell which...

Resolved! Required Media Attachments by Tech on Jobs

Hello. I am new to Service Titan. Our owner would like to see if there is a feature that will make it MANDATORY for our tech's to add photos to each job. Does this feature currently exist?Thanks in advance.Brian H.Fogle's Well Pump and Water Treatmen...

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Resolved! Keeping track of jobs that we ordered material for

Does anyone have a workflow for keeping track of jobs, that are still in progress but you are waiting on material that you had ordered? We do not use the purchase order feature in ST. We have a number of jobs that after the first appt, we need to ord...

Assistance Needed!

Hey, everyone! Currently our service call fee is listed as a line item on customer invoices. I am trying to find a way in which we can include the service call fee, but not as a line item. This way, the service call fee is not visible to the customer...

Serial #s on install jobs being deleted

Anyone having issues with install jobs, when the techs close out the job, it prompts them to delete the equipment before closing out? The office puts the equipment, model and serial #s, on the invoice for install jobs, but then the techs have to dele...

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Non Managed Techs & Mobile App

Hi Everyone, We are currently rolling out non-managed technicians on the ST Mobile App. I am curious to see how others are using this feature, being that they cannot complete a job without a managed tech assigned to the job. Is there a work around ? ...