Starting the Inventory Module Journey...Feedback wanted.

Hi All,We have been using ST since 7/22 and are looking to begin our implementation of the Inventory Module in the coming weeks. I was hoping to get some feedback from any fellow companies that are currently using the module or made the switch and ha...

MML by New Contributor II
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Shrinkage/ Loss report

We need a shrinkage / loss report to show the loss of missing truck stock when counts are done. How can we get this?

dthompso4 by New Contributor III
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Quick Inventory Counts/Current Quantity

Is it possible to set up a quick inventory count? I looked at the recurring counts and the templates and didn't see a way to manually create a list of my main inventory items to do a quick weekly count of my main items without having to do a count of...

codybumpus by New Contributor II
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Serialization Issue

Hey team,I'm running into a problem regarding serialized equipment and closing jobs. Our techs in the field are unable to close their current job due to a serialization issue. However, when we go into the job, the serial number is already attached to...

Kevin_JPS by New Contributor II
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Assets Accounts

Setting up inventory and need to choose an assets account for each material. What kind of effect does the assets account have on accounting and Quickbooks? Does it matter which account I choose? What are the repercussions if I choose the wrong one? C...

Purchase Order Mark-ups

I create purchase orders that show up on my invoices for parts but there are no mark-ups anywhere on my invoice even though I have purchase order mark-ups configured on the "materials" tab right above materials mark-ups. I'd like to enter a purchase ...

ACComfort by New Contributor
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PO Generation on Sold Estimate

I have searched through the ServiceTitan Community posts, and can't find an answer, so maybe posting myself will help!We have our inventory mostly setup. All we need now is to have a process that works like this:Tech in field sells an estimate.Estima...

ZMR-TBHVAC by New Contributor II
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Help Using Recurring Count Feature for Inventory Counts

Hi, ServiceTitan community. I am attempting to create recurring inventory counts, but when I hit the create recurring count button, it does not show up in my pending inventory count tab. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I may be misusing thi...

Sseddon by New Contributor
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Resolved! Searching for ordered parts on Purchase Orders

The problem is: Trying to quickly find parts which have been ordered in history.Under the Purchasing TAB / Purchase Orders or Under Search / Purchase Orders.... Both have filters. There should be parts filter option added. This way you could find all...

Bulk Edit PO's!

COMMUNITY-I-2492Idea Posted! I'm cleaning up for the end of the year and realized there are no bulk admin functions for purchase orders! Of course I can send a list to my CSM, but I'd like to be able to do it myself. I'd also like some expanded funct...

ashsmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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