Screen Keeps Freezing While I'm Previewing A Form

Hey Fellow Titans!I am working on editing a vehicle inspection form with conditional logic. Every time I try to preview the form, my screen freezes and I can't try it out. Anyone else ever had this happen?

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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closing a task

Is there a way to see who actually closed a task? Maybe see who and when? Like date etc

NEKAY by New Contributor
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ST 69 update how to set Default Warehouse

This was just rolled out but had no details on how to set it just yet (that I have seen) so figured I would put this out there in case anyone else is interested!Under each business unit, you can now select the default warehouse so that when you creat...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Phantom Job Notifications

When booking a job and turning off the checkmark, it seems that our customers still get notifications as though a tech is coming to their job if it rolls over to another day unless we turn off the job notifications. What is your experience with this?

Resolved! Dispatch Board Setting

Let me start by saying I'm new to ServiceTitan, so this may be completely obvious and I am just missing it. But, is there a way to set your dispatch board to only show a fixed amount of time (say 7am - 7pm only) so it will quit shifting during the da...

wrichter by New Contributor II
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Office staff attendance Tracking

I don't think it is possible in Service Titan, but I would love it if Service Titan allows Office Staff to have a screen that shows which Office Staff are checked in and working. That way if they take a break or leave the facility they could check ou...

JasonH by New Contributor
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KPI Entry

Is there a way to bulk update the technician monthly and daily goals with out going into each one and manual doing it.?

acaroluzzi by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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ST Updates Change Up Employee Permissions

Anyone else experiencing permissions automatically getting added or removed with system updates? We had an update last night and one of our dispatchers was no longer able to mark a technician as 'Done' once they had completed their After-Job Debrief....

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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