Memberships or Service Agreements


Add taxes on memberships

Good afternoon,Is there a way for me to make memberships automatically add taxes on the invoices for billing. When I try to bill memberships in a batch, I have to manually add taxes on each invoice.

AD52 by New Contributor
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Duration and Billing

Why can we not change the Duration/Billing after a membership is sold and set up? You can change everything else in a membership is sold except that.... We have customers that were set up as auto renewals and changed their mind before it renews or it...

aeamber by New Contributor
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Membership - Recurring Service

Please upvote this idea here: ServiceWould be nice if we could have a limited # of visits on duration type and still have the option to have the continuous pushout without adding an extra...

Membership potential savings

Hello,The potential member saving should not be a feature to non members and let me exhaling why. If we sell a 3000 job, and apply a discount of $100 it will show (all hypothetical btw) $3000 -$100 with a "potential mem" savings of $189. Customer see...

DavidBuky by New Contributor
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