Memberships or Service Agreements


Resolved! Membership Billing

Is there a way to change the membership bill date when the customer has had an ongoing membership that has been billed on a specific date monthly for a while? This issue has come up before but we have always answered "No we can't change the date." I ...

Recurring Service Events

Hi, we currently have our Recurring Service Events (2 per year) set to Seasonal, which has them fall in a particular Month. Has anyone found a way to have them fall 6 Months & 12 Months after the date on which the Membership is sold? We've tried sele...

Reoccuring Inspection/Jobs

Hey everyone, We recently lost our Membership person and we are in the process of setting up monthly salt deliveries. What is the best way to set this up as a recurring appointment? I appreciate your feedback. This is the one area I am not well verse...

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Customer Membership Type

Hi,Can you change an active membership type ? Like if we deactivated the membership type that customer has... Can we update/change that Membership Type? Or do we have to cancel that membership all together and make a new one?

Improvements to Memberships

I would like to propose the following recommendations to Memberships:1. Membership invoices should show the customer the start date and the expiration date. This is not currently a feature. 2. The cost of the add-ons should be shown to the customer. ...

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