Inventory Line Items Report issue

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I would like to be able to pull a report each morning that is similar to the Inventory Audit legacy report--with the caveat that the new report shows ALL materials used yesterday, not just materials from completed jobs.

There is an Inventory Line Items report that is *almost* perfect--the issue I'm having is that the 'Technician Name' column has all technicians assigned to the job on which the materials were used, instead of just the name of the technician that added the material to the invoice. 

Now, I can select 'job scheduled date' on the Inventory Audit legacy report, but that will do absolutely nothing--just says 'no results found'. 

I would just like to be able to keep up on replenishing parts even when we have jobs that span a few weeks or months. Ideas?


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If you are using the inventory replenishment system, it works on availability, not on hand, so if material is added to a job that is not yet complete, the system records it as on hold and reduces availability.  This will trigger a replenishment request.  I am assuming here that you have set min/max templates for your various trucks and warehouses.  If not, you should look at that so that you can significantly automate the replenishment process.  An by the way, working from the replenishment screen allows you to select the items you actually want and build a purchase order/transfer from that.  Saves a lot of time in entering individual line items from a report.

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I'm thinking I should post this in reports. I understood 50% of what you were talking about. I'm not directly involved with our warehouse department, just trying to help them out.