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TitanAdvisor is an automated, best-practice guide to help you get the most out of ServiceTitan, whether you are just starting your business journey or a seasoned veteran.  

We recognize that every business is unique, and your road to success may differ from another shop. We are excited to introduce new tools within TitanAdvisor that will allow you to choose your own adventure with customized plans and identify features that can be implemented with a low level of effort. As a bonus, you will also see the ROI correlations by adopting certain features. Additionally, we will flag features that are set up but now have an opportunity to increase utilization. 

Check out how you can now select the features that mean the most to your business here.  

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Love this, be sure to come learn more at the TitanAdvisor (Embers/Sparks) booths at Pantheon next week. I can dig into your TitanAdvisor score and discuss a plan of action! See you there! 

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Hi Tim, Nice to have met you for a moment at Pantheon. Can we connect about this? I never had enough time to come by the booth.