Back charge suppliers

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Working within projects, some of our installed equipment has long lead-teams with tight install schedules. If there is an issue or damage to the product, with the suppliers' approval, we proceed with the install with the intent to return and swap out the damaged pieces. After the swap we need to issue a back-charge to the supplier for the additional labor cost required.

So far it seems like all we can do is create the supplier as a customer, create a new location with the same address as the project, then invoice from there. However this does not appear to link the two locations in anyway. We want to be able to accurately track project costing and back charges are common enough that they need to be accounted for.

My question is this: within a project is there a way to issue an invoice to our equipment supplier, not the project customer, for faulty or damaged product? Or is there a way to otherwise invoice the supplier and link it to the project?

What are other sub-contractors doing to handle back charges?


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Hey it sounds like the best solution for you would be creating an adjustment invoice within that project where you can have the information linked to a different customer however It can all be tracked together.


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