Inactive equipment

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Is there a way for Service Titan to find only active units of equipment accurately. When we run reports it keeps pulling all of the equipment because we have several pieces of equipment in it and if we can separate old on inactive from current and active units, this would be helpful.


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

What reports are you running? If you just do a search, there is an active/inactive dropdown for status. This will filter.

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Hello @RichardT64,

Currently the only option for equipment not to show up from inactive locations, is to manually remove them from Customer Location records.

There is currently an idea in the community, which is similar, asking for options to deactivate equipment. The status for the idea is shipped, which means it might be available in future releases. Here is the link to the idea:

We would like to be able to still have the history of the old equipment available after we upgrade a new system and be able to make the new equipment the current and Active unit. Pulling list that generate 10,000 units of equipment takes to much time vetting the list for the CSR's.