Introducing Myself and a Thanksgiving Day Brain-teaser Game

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Hello, fellow community members!

I'm thrilled to be a part of this fantastic platform and to have the opportunity to connect with all of you. My name is Creativa Angele, and I'm a content and programming specialist at ServiceTitan. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and engaging in meaningful discussions, and I look forward to contributing to this vibrant community.

To kick things off and break the ice, it would be fun to share a Thanksgiving Day brain-teasing game to enjoy with your colleagues. Gather around your coworkers, grab a pen and paper, and let's embark on "The Turkey Trot Puzzle," a 5-minute challenge that will get your mental gears turning.


The Turkey Trot Puzzle:

In this game, you've been put in charge of arranging the seating for a Thanksgiving dinner with your colleagues. There are six people, and you want to make sure that they all sit in a way that follows these rules:

  • Alice and Bob can't sit next to each other because they tend to argue. 
  • Carol can't sit next to David because they're allergic to each other's perfume. 
  • Emily can't sit next to Anyone because she's feeling extra shy today.

You have six empty chairs labeled A, B, C, D, E, and F, and you need to find a seating arrangement that follows all the rules. Your task is to rearrange the chairs so everyone has a spot to sit without breaking any of the rules. 


Arrange The Chairs.PNG


Your 5-Minute Challenge:

Start the timer, and see if you can figure out a valid seating arrangement for your six colleagues. Once the time's up, share your solutions with each other and see if you've all cracked it. It's a fun way to challenge your problem-solving skills and enjoy some friendly competition!

Remember, you can rearrange the chairs as many times as you like within the 5-minute limit. Get creative and have fun with it. And most importantly, enjoy the laughter and camaraderie that Thanksgiving brings!

When you’re done, you can compare your answers with the correct answer at the bottom of the blog, have fun! 

I can't wait to see your responses and get to know all of you better. Here's to a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving on this platform!

Best regards, Creativa


Please feel free to post your answer, and let's see who can solve this puzzle first!

If you have any other interesting Thanksgiving-related facts, trivia, or games to share, please don't hesitate to join in and contribute.

Let's make this Thanksgiving season a memorable one in our community.



Answers below...



Turkey Trot Puzzle Answer: Based on these rules, the seating arrangement should be: A - C - E - D - B. In this arrangement, Alice (A) and Bob (B) are not sitting next to each other, Carol (C) and David (D) are not sitting next to each other, and Emily (E) isn't sitting next to Anyone, which satisfies all the given rules. So, the correct seating arrangement for "The Turkey Trot Puzzle" is A - C - E - D - B.


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@gotobrandi I'm glad you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day Brain Teaser Game! Your engagement and enthusiasm make this community even more special. Impressive game-solving skills! If you have brain teasers, trivia, or fun facts up your sleeve, feel free to share them. Thanks for joining the fun, and here's to more interactions in the future!


Same results.

That was a super fun puzzle!

Thanks for sharing.