Testing the Service Agreement Waters

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Hello! I am fairly new to ST (started in November). I am learning so much everyday! I am really interested in learning more about the new Service Agreement option. I have been practicing making agreements in the sandbox and I am excited to start using them with our commercial clients soon. I think it will make scheduling the preventative maintenance services easier. Currently, we have templates on top of templates for recurring services and its messy. I am interested in hearing what ya'll have experienced or think about SA. How do you plan on using it, if at all? Have a wonderful New Year!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We have been using them. There a still a couple of things I would fix if I were coding them. Our clients seem to like them much more than we were offering them memberships via Estimates. The format is cleaner and can be modified easily enough for most things. Overall, my team seems to like it more, and its easier to build or personalize for each business than Memberships were. 

Beware of things that need addressed by ST still:

  • Ability to assign Customer PO
  • Editing text in some of the prebuilt sections for the templates
  • Autobatching/Runs - If billing date rules are set to all memberships, include the SAs automatically.Also, allow SAs to have their own rule. I had to create a membership that will not be used just to assign the SAs to a different rule. We run memberships weekly, will be doing SAs monthly.

Edit: I did post ideas related to this topic. Please take the time to discuss and vote on them: