Warranty Claim Process and Workflow

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Good Afternoon,

Shout out from South Carolina!

We've been a Service Titan client since 2021 but, we are finally diving into the Service Titan culture to start using all of the tools/features/capabilities (properly) Service Titan has to offer to help our business function and grow (more smoothly). I'm currently enrolled in the Ember Sessions and the Certified Administrator Program.

My question to the Service Titan community is: what do you all use for warranty claim workflows and processes. We are a smaller plumbing company that works with Rheem, AO Smith and Navien at the moment.

I searched the community for this and it appears there were supposed talks of ST rolling something out back in '22. I followed the psots down a rabbit hole and didn't find the solution I was looking for.  Did that ever happen? Where should I look? What's your process where you work?

Thanks for your help : )


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Thanks for sharing. 

Do you, then, keep after the manufacturer for payment? Do they pay on-time. Do your manufacturers pay for parts and labor performed on warranty calls? 

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Not sure if its the correct way, but for alot of the times we dont know if a unit is under warranty until after the call is already booked. So we generally have our tech do the invoicing and the add an adjustment invoice and change the bill to- to the manufacturer.