Accounting/Vendor Receipts table filters

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

My AP team was looking to be able to filter their Vendor receipts by Location/Business Units to review and batch them separately.  It turns out the filter is not applied to the Vendor Receipts table due tot he Business Unit field not in the table for Vendor Receipts.  After chatting with ST IT, it turns out this feature is not available.  I would love for this to be worked into the next Dev release for an interface change, It does not change or affect any function or workflow, its for cosmetic and convenience purpose.  any assistance or suggestions are welcome.  (We are thinking of putting our Location at the beginning of our Vendor names, but that would require alot of modification ofrecords.Capture.JPG


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I don't use the auto-batching for the bills/returns so I'm not quite sure if this would help your AP team, but it might be something to look into because it has been great for us using it on the invoices.