Expenses versus Payables

New Contributor

We have situations come up where a tech is out in the field and needs a part and the local hardware store is closest, he purchases the part with a company credit card and we will not get a bill from a vendor. 

Currently in ST my purchasing manager is entering a PO, marking it as received, but now it just hangs out in limbo. I would like to see those transactions come over as paid for by the company credit card so that when my accounting staff is reconciling the the credit card account in Quickbooks Desktop, the transactions are there. 

How do I accomplish this? 



For these kinds of cases, we recommend having a PO Type - Supply House Run and make that Auto-Receive. Once you have a receipt, you can create a bill from that by clicking on the action button in the upper right of the receipt,



and the bill can be exported to QBD. Bills appear on the Accounting tab and are exported just like Invoices and Payments. 


You could also turn on this auto create bill and then bills will automatically happen when you receive a PO.