Apply payment to multiple customer's invoices

We have a number of cases in which we receive a single payment that applies to several different customer's invoices. For example, a management company may require that billings go to the property, showing the property as the bill to. Once the proper...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Automatic Trip Charge for Certain Zones

There are certain surrounding cities/counties we service that are a little further out than our normal service area, and because of this, they incur an additional $25 Trip Charge. I already have Zones set up in our system for the different areas we s...

cecilshv by New Contributor II
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Duplicating an Estimate

We work with numerous apartment complexes who want the exact same estimate for another unit within their complex. It would be much more efficient to duplicate an existing estimate and just edit the service location field. Would love to have this in a...

elissa1g by New Contributor
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Resolved! Tax Zone by Default

Is there a way to set a Tax Zone by Default? 95% of our customers are residential and if we can set this Tax Zone by default, it would save time and minimize the errors during batching, posting and exporting invoices and payments.

kswaba1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Quickbook Desktop going away

It my understanding that QB desktop will be going away and everything will transition to QB online. We are currently a QB Enterprise with advanced inventory user so we can do inventory in ST and that is what we were told we needed when onboarding. Do...

tyl9162 by New Contributor II
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Customer A/R History

Here's the scenario:Customer calls in for service. They're wanting to discuss pricing and get a better rate. As a bsiness we want to review the actual A/R history of that customer to determine what we want to do next -- see how much they've spent wit...

ridstein by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Inventory/stock in Helpers/Apprentices trucks.

So, we are working with ST since Oct 2021 and 2 weeks ago, our helper/apprentices (which are "technicians" no manageable, and it is because then we can see them on dispatch board and book them as helpers with the plumbers) are having negative stocks....

julianaf by New Contributor III
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Printing Material List From Invoice & Transfer

It would be a great feature if when viewing the invoice on a job we could print the material list right from the invoice in the same grid like excel layout. Not printing the entire invoice page. Our Pull Sheet report seems to leave items off because ...

bclair by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Non-Job Purchase Orders

How are those with Inventory and Purchasing turned on creating non-job purchase orders? We used to be able to do that by going to the dispatch board and clicking the technician. Now that option is gone. Now I can't create a purchase order without cho...

smischke by New Contributor II
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