I think it would be really nice to be able to edit the text in the email that is sent to customers when they sign an estimate! Currently this is hard-coded for all Service Titan customers, and says that a team member will reach out to the customer soon.

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We have edited ours to give instructions on how to accept, how to apply for financing, and what to expect when they sign the estimate. You can edit these emails - along with Invoice, Statement, Form, and Project Invoices- under Settings > Invoicing >Email. This will set the standard text for all ST customers but if you are saying you want to change each individual Estimate email, you can do that too. You will have to save a template in your computer or you can even save a form to attach to estimate email. But when you are emailing an estimate to a customer, you can edit the text in the box before you send.

Hope this helps or is what you are looking to achieve!