Alert for Returns being Credited

Would it be possible to have an alert type for when returns are credited that can be sorted by business unit. The reason/use for this alert would notify the managers of those business units that a return has been credited. It would also be great to h...

derrickcohan by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Financing Issue

Only one of my technicians is having an issue with greensky not working on their tablet. we have completed the training multiple times and its still not working.Has anyone else experienced this issue?

csadebbq by New Contributor
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Tasks No Longer Showing Up On Invoices

We can no longer get tasks to show up on our invoices. All that displays on invoices are the job summary and job total. I have tried every setting and configuration I know of to fix this issue, but nothing is working. We are getting some upset custom...

Customer Collections

Does anyone have a good process for following up on invoices at regular intervals for collections? I need my collections department to have a process for this that works with ST and so far I am unable to build a report to accomplish this - it would b...

jnoone by New Contributor
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"Pull" invoices from Quick Books for editing after exporting

Is there a way to "pull" invoices back to ST for editing? We are having a time with NSF's for ACH's due to incorrect account numbers being entered in the field. This would make things much easier if this is possible as opposed to making an adjustment...

eladner by New Contributor
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QuickBooks GOGS Account is off

I compared P&L reports between Jan 2023 and Jan 2024. We got on Service Titan in May 2023. The COGS account in each report looks drastically different. In the 2023 report, i see all the costs of all the items sold on invoices in the Debit column. In ...

jarrettd by New Contributor III
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Accounting/Vendor Receipts table filters

My AP team was looking to be able to filter their Vendor receipts by Location/Business Units to review and batch them separately. It turns out the filter is not applied to the Vendor Receipts table due tot he Business Unit field not in the table for ...

jontiver by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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