I wish there was a feature that a PO could be tied to multiple jobs. For example, if a tech has 4 jobs on his schedule, he can go to the supply house and purchase all the parts he thinks he will need for those four jobs in one trip.

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This happens frequently for us. If you enter the invoice from the supply house as a PO, you can only attached it to one job. There should be a way to allocate how much of the invoice pertains to each job.


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We do this by adding a + after the vendor invoice number so it is under the same invoice but can be allotted to different jobs

Example: Job # 1 = invoice number 1234

Job #2 = invoice number 1234+

Job #3 = invoice number 1234+2

Job #4 = invoice number 1234+3

This is our work around

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Right. Purchase things at the supply house all in one trip, but do it on 4 different PO's. That is how our guys do it. Separate purchase for each job so each job either has a receipt or a packing slip.

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Each PO should pertain to ONLY ONE JOB - that's how POs are supposed to work; the PO is supposed to tie back to the JOB, not the purchase - how else can you tell which amounts are supposed to be billed to each of the jobs?