Intacct Reconciliation

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We are spending a lot of time and doing manual work each month end to reconcile Intacct to ServiceTitan that involves exporting reports from both systems, recreating item IDs, pivot tables, index/vlookup in excel. 


ST Aggregate Inventory report to Intacct Inventory Valuation - quantity on hand and value

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AR Aging 

We will soon have 25 locations that we need to perform this reconciliation for. There has to be a better way? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for the feedback. Despite our efforts the systems do not reconcile and we need to do a manual check. I was hoping to learn if anyone from the community is successfully using API to automate reconciliation? Like linking ST with Intacct and having it find differences. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Such a tough area, @zelbur and a lot of it depends on your operational process and how your system is currently configured. Things like linking materials + equipment to services will help with the replenishment process. Also, cycle counts on your trucks need to be conducted on top to verify the replenishment matches. Best of luck!

- Sheena @ NIFT

Sheena @ NiFT