"Pull" invoices from Quick Books for editing after exporting

Is there a way to "pull" invoices back to ST for editing? We are having a time with NSF's for ACH's due to incorrect account numbers being entered in the field. This would make things much easier if this is possible as opposed to making an adjustment...

eladner by New Contributor
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Collecting Customer Deposits and Managing Sold Estimates

Hello ServiceTitan Community!New to ServiceTitan here, in the Garage Door industry! We're in need of some extensive help and recommendations on how you all record taking a customer deposit. Putting the Pricebook aside, we all understand how customiza...

ZachHawk by New Contributor II
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Customer Tips

Occassionally a customer will tip our technicians, usually with cash but sometimes on their check. How do I record this accurately? E.G. A customer wrote a check for $225, their invoice total was $200 and they tipped the tech $25.Do I need to add a l...

brooke_t by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Intacct Reconciliation

We are spending a lot of time and doing manual work each month end to reconcile Intacct to ServiceTitan that involves exporting reports from both systems, recreating item IDs, pivot tables, index/vlookup in excel. Mainly: ST Aggregate Inventory repor...

zelbur by New Contributor II
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Cost of Sales Mapping and Reconciliation Report

Hello,I am curious if there is a report within Service Titan that allows the users to Reconcile the Cost of Sales Accounts (i.e., Materials, Equipment, Labor) to QuickBooks that is similar to the Revenue by Account report that is used to reconcile th...

Marc2023 by New Contributor
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Accounts Receivable Aging Report - ST reconciliation to QB

When running the AR Transaction and AR Transaction by Customer Report, how are the aging buckets being calculated? Are the aging buckets based on invoice date or invoice due date? Additionally, I am noticing instances where the total column in the re...

Marc2023 by New Contributor
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Accounting Tab--Vendor Bill batches

I would love it if Service Titan could add the total up at the top after all vendor invoices and returns have been entered. Similar to payments and customer invoices where it has the total at the top in the gray squares. It would be helpful to know t...

mbaugh76 by New Contributor
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