Is there a way to mass print invoices just for certain days past due? i.e., just those over 90 days, or 30-60 days, without printing each individually?

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@Jim - I need to be able to print them even if they've already been exported, so using the active batch function wont work for what I'm looking for. But thank you for your answer 🙂

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This would be awesome... but nope. 😞

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Print invoices in bulk

  • When to use this feature: This feature allows you to print invoices in bulk to be mailed out to customers. You can use this feature to bill customers with a remaining balance. You can also use this feature to send a copy of the paid invoice to customers who were successfully charged.
  • How to print invoices in bulk: Click Batched to view the active batch. Then click Print Invoices at the bottom of the batch list. Select the invoices you wish to print, then click Bulk Print. A PDF document will be generated containing all the invoices you selected.

Not sure this is exactly what you are looking for but..