Payment details on printed invoices

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Hello, I think it would be really wonderful if we have the option for payment authorization codes to show up on printed invoices not just in the system. 

I believe most businesses would also love to have authorization codes of payments on the printed invoices. 

Also if we have to mail a hard copy of the invoice to the customer, the pan writing kind of looks unprofessional.

I usually put it on the printed invoice manually with a pan but it would be awesome if we have an option to choose if we want the authorization code to show up on printed invoices as well.


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I agree you should submit an idea for us to vote on @elecinsight! I do have an alternate solution suggestion that might work for now though. You could add a custom field called “c/o” under the customer record. Whatever info input into that field will show up on the invoice under the customer name. You could manually input your authorization number there. Hope this helps! 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey, that’s a great idea! You should enter it on the ideas tab above!