Monthly Commission

Is there an option to pay the techs a monthly commission on a monthly membership they sold? If not an option how do others do this and/or keep track of monthly memberships that are sold to pay techs their commission?

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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deleting history on invoice

Looking if anyone knows how to delete some history or audit trail on a invoice. Our Tech applied a payment to incorrect customer . I unapplied the payment but the history says I deleted a cash payment. I would like to delete this to make it correct.

jeadmin by New Contributor
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Adding equipment to invoice when the Qty is more than 1

We add the equipment to tasks on the invoice for tracking purposes and for the customer's record. However, if the quantity is more than one, you can NOT add more than one piece of equipment. For example... (2) Tankless water heater maintenances. You ...

scottf_GBO by New Contributor III
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Auto Apply Credits

It would be very helpful to have a pop up or something that asks the dispatcher (or CSR) if they want to apply credits on the account to any open balance when they book a job. We also need to prompt techs in the field there was a payment made against...

jhuck by New Contributor
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Automatically Apply Rate Sheet to Invoices

I used the new Client Specific Pricing Builder to create a rate sheet for our time & materials billing. It is applied to all customers & locations.However, when I am invoicing, I notice the invoices have No Rate Sheet applied. I have to choose to swi...

IDEA: Apply Discount to Only Materials or Labor

Vote for my idea! COMMUNITY-I-2032It would be great to have the option to apply a discount to only labor, materials, or equipment depending on the situation. We like to offer friends & family a discount on materials, but charge them our usual labor r...

Next Button - to move from invoice to the next invoice

Is there anyway to get a next button while in the invoice view to move to the next invoice within our list we have already filtered down to or does anyone have a way to move to the next one without going back through "accounting" to then click on the...

BeverlyF by New Contributor
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