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Hi all, we're currently starting our tenure with ST and are having issues integrating ST's payment processing systems with how we do business.  Are there any other payment processors that reasonably integrate with ST?  We would prefer not to give our customers the option to pay larger invoices with credit card as the fee's are quite punitive but there's no option to shut off credit card payments on the pay link. With how we do business its not practical to add a 3% service fee to all invoices.


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Thanks @baraica we do offer ACH.  The challenge we have is that when we provide a payment link to our customers it allows them to pay either with Credit Card of ACH. This would be fine if the system automatically charged the 3% processing fee for Credit Card purchases, but it doesn't and we've been told there is no way to only send the ACH link rather than both, 

Appreciate your insights on this.

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Hi @MattMSI. Yes, ST Payments is the only processing system we have available. If you don't want customers to pay with credit card have you considered offering ACH options or even a financing option for larger invoices? For financing options we have Financeit, GreenSky, BlueVine, TURNS, and ServiceFinance. 

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