Quickbooks SOS - Inventory Value Does Not Match Balance Sheet Since ServiceTitan Launch


We've been trying to resolve an issue in our Quickbooks Desktop file for 6 months and we've gotten nowhere, which is preventing us from filing our 2021 taxes (eek!). 

I don't actually know if it is related to ServiceTitan at all, but at some point during our first month on ST, something happened in our file which caused our Inventory Valuation Detail to not math the Inventory Asset Account on the Balance Sheet. We've done every troubleshooting possible & Quickbooks support is no help. 

Has anyone ever dealt with this issue?

Do you have any private Quickbooks support pros or companies you recommend? It's hard to know who to trust from a Google Search.



Thanks so much, Kristy! These are some suggestions we have not been recommended yet. Appreciate having some new leads!

Do you happen to know if any of these types of issues would retroactively change inventory asset numbers from before we were on servicetitan? The most frustrating thing right now is that we balanced when we closed out prior years & now the balance sheet looks different for them. 

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Erin - I have seen this happen with one of our tenants after they went live with ServiceTitan. There are quite a few things that can cause the numbers not to match. Here is what I have seen. 

1. Items not being consumed on invoices. You must make sure that every single material/equipment has been recorded on the invoice. If you have the purchase order only the item is not considered consumed, the item HAS to be added to the invoice. If the PO is on the job then the item should be added at $0 cost to present double costing. There is an option in purchasing to have the items auto added when received, I would suggest checking this option if you havent already. If you are currently doing this, watch for partially received POs and rolled over POS, these items do not give you the option to auto add and causes confusion. 

2. QBD is set to Weighted Average costing, make sure the costing method in Inventory settings is also Weighted Average.

3. Exporting items in the wrong order. Every day the items in your accounting tab should be exported starting with Bills down and then the invoices. If you export an invoice first with an item that has been consumed, it can throw your inventory numbers off.

4. POs MUST be received before exporting invoices. 

Hope this helps. 


Would love a contact! We took a call last week with a company who wants to charge $1,000 to look at our file to see if it's something they can help with. 😕

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Our inventory is mapped to All Other Inventory account rather than the Inventory Asset Account which is listed just below on our Balance Sheet.  Of course, this was how ours was prior to switching, so we made sure it mapped the same.

I used a lady from Out of the Box Technology who is very knowledgeable with QuickBooks and understands a lot of the accounting integration with ServiceTitan.  She saved me.  Her name is Deion Stromenger if you wanted to reach out to them.

We have a consultation set up with Deion tomorrow - fingers crossed!

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@pmora can you help? Maybe give her the QB lady who helped us!

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