Hyperlinks for AHRI ratings

I need the ability to add hyperlinks in my estimate template summary so that our customers can be redirected to the AHRI directory where their equipment specific information can be found and used for performance verification or tax credits

Bmwomack by New Contributor
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Quickbooks 2023 Desktop shutting down during export

Hi all.We recently upgraded to Quickbooks 2023 Desktop and we access through Right Networks. When we are exporting, Quickbooks repeatably shuts down and displays an unrecoverable error. Has anyone else had this issue? I have been in touch with Quickb...

kmorgan by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Exporting Payables to QBO

I'm able to export my BILLS to QBO, but my VENDOR CREDITS (even though I get the "batch was successfully exported" message) don't seem to be appearing. Am I missing something? Am I looking in the wrong place in QBO? I have tons of experience with QBD...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! unselling estimate from exported invoice

Hello. I need to unsell an estimate but the invoice has already been exported. Am I correct in assuming I need to add an adjustment invoice? Do the qty and price need to both be negative?Our accountant is on maternity leave so I am trying to figure t...

rebecca_20 by New Contributor II
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Applying Payments

Hello Just Curious if there is a way to enable a quick button to the Customer pop Up Screen to apply a payment Not a " Add Payment Method" Just a " Apply Payment " This would make our work flow alot easier if this is a current option that i am Just M...

Patches by New Contributor II
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Invoice numbers on the Payment selection Do Not Match

Has anyone noticed that their Invoice #s and the Invoices #s listed on the Payment selection on the Customer page don't match anymore???!!!I noticed it yesterday late afternoon, it wasn't like that in the morning!!!I took a screenshot of the 2 select...

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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Paid Invoices Should Show PAID in Big Red Letters!!!!!!

A paid invoice should show PAID in Big Red Letters at the Top of the invoice page. we have had customers call us thinking they where being billed a second time a lot of people don't look all the way at the bottom of the invoice to see due balance of ...

Michael-JC by New Contributor II
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Hide Estimate Total

There is an option to hide line item pricing on estimates. But we need an option to hide the estimate total. In order to show a good better best option on one estimate we would need the customer to ONLY SEE the line item, seeing the total at the bott...

heatherw by New Contributor II
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Multiple Language in the Invoices

As many people know, in Quebec the official language is French and English. By government law all invoices must be in both languages. ServiceTitan only offers their default texts on invoices in English. I need to be able to configure my invoices so t...