ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Can you answer “yes” to all three questions below? 🤔

  • Do you know how often your technicians are creating estimates?
  • Do you know how often your technicians are building multiple options?
  • Do you know how often your technicians are presenting multiple options?

If not, don’t worry, Tom Howard shows you how to use TitanAdvisor to find the answers, and in real-time, to measure your technicians’ performance against TitanAdvisor scoring benchmarks.

During Pantheon 2023, Tom Howard, VP of Customer Experience at ServiceTitan and Owner of Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning, spoke on this topic in depth, using his own ServiceTitan account to demonstrate how easy it is for owners to view whether their techs are regularly offering multiple options to customers.

Why is it crucial to train and enable your technicians to consistently create, build, and present multiple options to your customers? 

  • To boost your TitanAdvisor score 🚀
  • To feel confident knowing that when multiple options are presented, your customers are seeing the financing plans available to them. 💪

Building and presenting multiple options gives you the ability to upsell, while financing gives your customers the ability to say “yes” to those upsells. 🤝

Some helpful tips:

📋 Tip #1: Look at how frequently your technicians present estimates to your customers at the point of sale - Tom was shocked to learn that Lee’s technicians were creating estimates about 90% of the time but only presenting them to customers about 5% of the time. If you see less than 10%, that should prompt the thought: “My technicians need to be trained on creating estimates and presenting multiple options using the present mode button to customers.”

📋 Tip #2: Use ServiceTitan’s estimate templates to make building estimates easy for technicians and never miss a chance to upsell with financing options embedded into the estimates. We recommend using the  “good/better/best” model. By implementing best practices of good, better, and best estimate options presented with financing, technicians close the most expensive option 32% of the time.*

📋 Tip #3: Sell in ServiceTitan. Start following the sales process, and then, all the other ServiceTitan features like proposal templates, Marketing pro, online estimates, and more will begin to make more sense.

Bonus: As if you need yet another reason, when you sell with estimates, you can use Marketing Pro to automate your follow ups on unsold estimates - and increase close rates by up to 12%**.

🛟 Need help navigating and understanding your TitanAdvisor results as it relates to offering your customers multiple options and financing? Contact fintechsetup@servicetitan.com to schedule a time that works for you.

Helpful Resources 📚

 *Based on customer samples; your estimates may differ.

**Customers using Marketing Pro for at least one year saw a 12% increase in close rates of unsold estimates compared to before using Marketing Pro. Past results do not guarantee similar performance; your own results may vary.

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