When booking a job, the start date auto-fill's as today's date. Can I deactivate this feature? It is far to easy to accidentally book a job for the wrong date.

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This! We have so much trouble with this date automatically filling as the current date. Very rarely do we ever actually book for the same date, we stay full and book out for later in the week or the following. Why is this the only box not blank? You leave the time frames blank but not the date? Come on, please make this date box blank just like the time and tech.

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I was wondering the same thing. I wish this could be changed because it results in calls being booked on the wrong date ( today) . If this can not be changed then could the time a notification goes out for a booked job be put on a delay such as 5 minutes? If so, then if we notice the error right away we would have time to correct the date and the customer would not get multiple notifications.

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Hi there- by default it will go to today's date, this is hard coded in the system and cannot be changed.

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