NSF checks and other payment issues

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Hey @LREADER .  I saw your idea concerning NSF checks.  I felt your pain but don't anymore.  If you lookup the exchange titled "Returned checks, disputed card payments, and anything else that is a negative payment" in this section of the community, you will find a workflow that completely eliminates the problem with handling NSF checks, disputed credit cards, or other types of refunds.  I know that the Knowledge Base article on this subject has you create an adjustment invoice, negative task, etc., but that is truly unnecessary and doesn't give the correct result.  If you go through all of the referenced exchange, you will find articles and videos on the real workflow that should be used for this type of transaction.  The information came from @plewis, a ST employee who has been really helpful in understanding the new processes, so give it a look.

Mike M CPA & Operations in KC, (go Chiefs)

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Posting the community link here for easy reference. Thanks for sharing @michael21 ! https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/Accounting/Returned-checks-disputed-card-payments-and-anything...