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There are occasions that the office has to create an invoice for the customer.

Office creates invoice.

When invoice is created it populates auto generated section for "authorization" Customer agrees to XXxXxX amount and signature field

Customer is satisfied with work field. XXxXxxx amount.

The problem is that the office isn't in front of the customer and doesn't have those signatures.

We had a customer we sent the invoice to for a specific amount.

Since the office created the invoice the dialogue that was created was. Customer agrees to 0.00 dollars (<----authorized amount with no signature from field)

Customer sent a stop payment to their credit card company with proof that they didn't authorize the amount of the invoice.

It has created a legal issue for us.

Is there a way we can change the dialogue for when the office is creating the invoices vs. the field tech? Without changing dialogue back and forth.

This has become frustrating.



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and 7 years later you still can't it. 

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@Brady Grant this has been submitted as an idea to the Product team. You can follow the idea to receive any updates on its progress here:

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This is a good reason for ServiceTitan to build a customer portal with a place for them to sign documents.