Resolved! Small Balance Clean Up

What is the process for cleaning up small balances under say 2 dollars? I've got a lot of people who just paid the incorrect tax amount and their balance is like 26 cents.

TaylorByrd by New Contributor II
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Resolved! credit card fees

how can I add a fee for credit cards to automatically show up on invoice when paid with a credit card

antbotz by New Contributor
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Will service titan be working on a way that the information when entered into the management side will flow automatically in real time into Quickbooks so you would not have to batch anymore and can eliminate mistakes form double entries. Fieldegdge a...

bba7701 by New Contributor
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Quick books online and a adjustment invoice JE

HI I was just on hold for 50 mins trying to get someone in customer service to help me with my question. I have tried to figure out with my accountant and we have can not figure this out. Does anyone know how i can get a more complex issue question a...

Reconcile Pricebook Error

Has anyone ever got an "Internal Error" message when using the Price Book reconciliation tool? If so, any ideas on how to fix it?Thanks

eduzan by New Contributor
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Resolved! Bulk Emailing Invoices to Customer

Hi, it would be awesome if there was a way to send a customer all of their invoices at once, vs having to go into each invoice and emailing it. I have a customer who wants all of their 2022 invoices, so that would be helpful. Thanks!

LuST by New Contributor
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Resolved! Can we accept eChecks via Service Titan?

Can we accept eChecks via Service Titan? Not directly into our company's account, but within ST? How does your company deal with eChecks and routing? Can they be routed thru Service Titan? That would be sooo ideal. Help, please. ~alicia p.

alicia by New Contributor II
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Credit card swipe for Tech

We are relatively new to ST. We use ipads with our Tech. We were told we can get a lower credit card rate if we get clients to "swipe". Our challenge is ST finance only offers a separate bluetooth device to do this. It doesn't work great for our team...

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