Many of you are already familiar with the Memberships feature in ServiceTitan. You know it is a fantastic way to create simple, pre-built service or maintenance plans and sell them to as many residential customers as possible.  

As a company that performs commercial service work or new construction installations, you also know a pre-packaged solution won’t work for you.  Your clients have unique pieces of equipment and particular needs to service and maintain them on varying timelines.

Writing entirely custom service and maintenance plans for every client can be time-consuming and challenging to manage post-submission.  Once they convert to a sale, the operations team can find the scheduling and billing difficult due to the complexity of the work, multiple visits and locations, and the number of contacts involved. 

The sheer complexity of the service and maintenance process has led some companies to focus their department entirely on warranty and operate it as a necessary evil that only costs time and money. Some smaller companies don’t have a department at all; instead, they send installers to warranty calls when there are gaps in their schedule. 

ServiceTitan can fixes all those problems in one feature, designed specifically for commercial and new construction contractors: Service Agreements. 


Service Agreements help your team through the entire agreement lifecycle, from proposal through operations right to renewal and even reporting. Here is how: 

1. Creating the proposal 

The Service Agreements feature lets your team plug-in specific job details such as equipment, the scope of work, payment terms, etc., and quickly auto-generate a professional, branded proposal.  You can even create a Service Agreement design template, allowing you to define what each proposal will look like every time.  

2. Closing the deal

Provide complete and accurate proposals for existing customers by adding equipment already created in your account or importing Excel sheets of their equipment for potential clients. Clearly outline the scope of work by grouping equipment into categories and defining what will be completed on each visit.  You can even set not-to-exceed amounts and service level agreements.

Once submitted, the service agreement will appear in a dedicated section of your ServiceTitan Follow-Up module, helping your sales team manage live proposals and close more deals.  

3. Managing the scheduling and execution of work

One of the most difficult challenges for operations when dealing with Service Agreements is knowing when they need to be scheduled and who to schedule them with.  

Once activated, a dashboard for your Service Agreement will be created, providing your scheduling team with a high-level overview of upcoming visits, including their specified booking window.  You can even see the specific contacts for scheduling and onsite check-in and book the job directly from that view!

4. Collecting Payments

When you create a Service Agreement, you can stipulate the billing and payment options, which include the ever-popular post-service option. If payment is received upfront, you can opt to defer the revenue from being applied until the service is completed. 

The Service Agreement dashboard displays where you stand with billing, ensuring you are up to date before scheduling any further visits.  

You also have the option to connect your Service Agreement to client-specific pricing, ensuring your client receives their agreed-upon pricing for any additional work generated from the service. 

5. Generating Renewals

Use Service Agreements to provide your customers with an auto-renew option and take the work out of additional revenue generation for years to come. 

6. Reporting

For the management team, the dashboard provides access to profitability metrics so you can ensure each agreement is performing as expected.  It also comes with a built-in Service Agreement report, cumulative of all service agreements, and can be customized to suit your needs. 


A Real Win-Win

Offering service agreements to your customers helps keep a steady revenue stream in your business, especially in shoulder or off seasons. Your clients know they will be contacted when a service visit is due and appreciate the savings of preventative maintenance vs costly reactive repairs. 

Being on-site regularly allows you to monitor aging materials and equipment and generate replacement opportunities for clients with high close rates based on their existing trust in your team. 

Using Service Agreements in your ServiceTitan account will help you scale your offering, whether it is your business's primary focus, an additional revenue source, or a brand new venture. 

Get Started 

Contact your CSM for guidance, or start with our knowledge base guides. 

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