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Good Morning all!

I have a question i hope you guys can help out with.

When our Salesmen complete a job they are currently filling out a spreadsheet to auto populate equipment using vlookup in excel, as well as all materials needed for job. this list has every item we could be using so they just input quantites.

what would be the best practice to get this in service titan.

at the moment i'm having them upload the spreadsheet when job is sold. my only issue is if edits need to be made we would then have to remove the old form and reupload the new.  

Any insite on this would be great.

I have attached a screenshot to help show what we are working with.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 103214.png


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This is probably not the quick fix answer you're hoping for, but I highly recommend spending the time to set up Services within the pricebook. Add the base service: Set up your names, codes, descriptions etc for the system, or components you are selling. Once you have that part, attach all of the equipment for the specific service, as well as any standard materials you may include as a basic install package (items you need ordered for every job no matter what). Once you have all of that in the pricebook - When your salesman "sells" the service via an estimate through a job, all of the items will already be within the project's estimate to order. 

Even if you don't completely set up the service, your salesmen should be able to build estimates using items from the pricebook to customize any quotes.

From experience, I can tell you transitioning my sales team from pens and paper and excel sheets was difficult. Looking back though, I don't regret putting in the time and effort to teach them. The amount of time we save in ordering jobs alone makes up for it. Not to mention the benefits of having ease of access to send any info needed to our customers through Service Titan! 

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