Update so office can sell an estimate into live/current job and invoice

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Hello, I'd like to make a suggestion for an issue that's been causing problems for us for years. When a tech is on a job and a customer approves the estimate via phone or email, there seems to be no way for an office user to sell/convert that estimate into the current job. When we want to convert/sell the job, the only options are to book a new job or sell it into an existing FUTURE job. We can't simply sell it into the job that is currently ongoing, the job the estimate is literally attached to. Only the tech can do that on their iPad. We can't do it from the office side. It would be great if this could be an option in the future. 


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Great idea! The best place to post this is going to be on our ideas page. (https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/Ideas/bd-p/ideas)

Be sure to come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so others can upvote your idea!

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100% agree with this. a nice little button on sold estimates to "transfer to invoice" would be great! Instead we get stuck with bogus projects.