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Why is it impossible to get a "how to" on PDF smart fills on Adobe Acrobat? 

I have used the smart fill codes provided in the help section on my form in Adobe and when its uploaded to the form section, and I open it in the job, its blank, not even fillable. However, when I pull it up in Adobe its all there with the codes. What am I missing?

Blue Collar Nerd only elaborates on some generic website called pdfscapes which is so basic it hurts, but I caved and tried using that and its functionality is not that of Adobe, it works for the most basic of needs. Not for the form I need to have it fill. This is a state form, so its not something I can recreate. Also, why isn't a signature on the PDF forms a thing? HELP!


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Hi @JKingsElectricI

I definitely understand how the fillable pdf forms can get tricky. We do have the following steps for creating the form. 

  1. Open up the file using a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat or

  2. Select Form Field > the desired type > and click “Select”

  3. Smart Codes:


    1. Use a text form field and type in the desired smart code

    2. Smart fields automatically populate estimate and job details into a PDF form when a technician presents or emails the PDF form to a customer.

    3. Find a comprehensive list of available smart codes in this document:

I hope this helps clear up a bit of the confusion. 

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