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This morning at the Pantheon keynote speech, Vahe Kuzoyan and Anmol Bhasin announced the launch of Titan Intelligence -- AI for the trades. The single most important way in which ServiceTitan is going to help you win in the next several years is by unlocking the power of your data.
To learn more, check out today's press release and blog post.
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When can we start seeing some real progress and implementation for the new "ti" features in Service Titan?

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Some of the industry insights that have been gathered using Titan Intelligence are available at the bottom of the Titan Intelligence landing page here.

We will be continuing to publish insights like this to help drive best practices and help bring the trades into the data age.

In the next release, you will start to see some features that use Titan Intelligence labeled with "powered by ti" in the product. As we release more ti-enabled features, we will announce them and label them so it is clearly visible in ServiceTitan. 

In addition to TI-enabled features and industry insight publications, watch out for a whole new educational series around data analytics and data science that will be coming to help prepare you and your teams to live and speak data!

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