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 With Titan Intelligence, ServiceTitan harnesses the power of data in ServiceTitan to fuel industry insights, trends, features, recommendations, and data-driven business strategies and automation for the trades. 

We are still in the early stages of what Titan Intelligence can do, beginning with simple data aggregation. At this stage of the journey into data and AI, ServiceTitan can deliver insights on how your business compares to businesses that look like yours. A first peek into this aggregated data is through the Benchmark Report, which shows where your business ranks compared to similar businesses.

The Benchmark Report is available by filling out the request form here. Note, that you must be a ServiceTitan Admin to access the report.  Reports are not available to Canadian customers at this time and may not be available (or will have insufficient data) if you are still in Onboarding, if you have been live with ServiceTitan less than a year, or your company does not have at least 100 jobs completed.

Need help understanding how to interpret your Benchmark Report? Here is a quick How-To Guide.

Plus, be sure to register for the June 2 webinar with Tom Howard, Chris Hunter, and Deanna Kawasaki to learn how to read the report and get tips on what actions you can take next.




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I am going to request mine now! That is so cool, I can't wait for more features like this!

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