Cycle Count Labels and Organization

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I'm setting up a warehouse wide cycle count, which in and of itself is incredibly tedious.  The full cycle count feature is too cumbersome so I end up having to create individual counts for each section.  The biggest downside of this is that you can't label or tag these counts.  When we go into the Inventory App, all of the counts are just labeled by the Inventory Location, the number of items, and the due date.  There needs to be a function to label/tag these counts so anyone who is in the inventory app can pickup a specific count and dive in.  

Am I missing this feature or does it simply not exist?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We had challenges utilizing the Inventory Mobile App for our recent full warehouse inventory count.

We assigned bin locations to each item, and created a count for each bin location (a rack or aisle in the warehouse). However it is very cumbersome for the user (counter) to find their assigned count/bin location in the mobile app.

Even assigning the count to a specific user doesn't filter their view - they still see all the counts for said inventory location.

Our workaround was to assign each count a unique due date, so we could tell the counter "start count dated x/x/2023". It was functional but not perfect - it will be so much better if users can filter down to only their assigned counts, or we can name specific counts.

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Have you looked into Bin Tracking?  We are in the process of setting this up now, which will allow us to do cycle counts on specific areas of the warehouse on a rotating basis, rather than the whole warehouse at once.

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I'm curious if anyone has used this feature, I haven't heard of it. Sounds like something to post on the ideas page


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