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Is there a way to re arrange the order of items on the template lists? Before we implemented the Inventory module, we created our own locations for each material and had everything grouped together by plumbing parts, CPVC, PVC etc..

Now, since we have created the templates for each vehicle, they do not match the order of materials that we used before ST. This is causing delay in setting up new vehicles with using just the template layout.

Without going in and changing our codes to help replicate our original layout of materials, does anyone else have a possible solution? Maybe you all are running into the same problem?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @brodyzalesak, thanks for your post. I believe your workaround is the only solution at this time but let's also see if one of our Inventory experts @Jeremy_Wick  has a possible solution and can help with this.