Importing barcodes

New Contributor

I'm looking for a way to bulk import barcodes for the inventory app. I already have a complete list of barcodes for all the skus we house and actually have a scanning app I created to record inventory movement in a realtime spreedsheet. I would love to be able to take that index list of barcodes and just bulk update them into ST. I know you can do it individually but was hoping for a way to bulk update like you can with the pricebook. any ideas are welcome.


New Contributor II

On your computer, if you go to Settings > Inventory > Barcode Scanning, you can export the excel document to bulk upload barcodes. You only need item codes and the barcodes. Then you can upload the template back in on the same page. BTW- ServiceTitan can also record inventory movement for you in real time as well in case you want everything all in one place. 😉 Good luck!