Inventory - Materials added to an invoice going to the wrong tech

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Hi -  we recently started using the inventory module and the first day ran into an issue that is messing up our stock on both the trucks and our warehouse. If you have to unassign a tech from a call and assign a different tech to the call, when that new tech dispatches to the job, creates the invoice and adds materials to this job, the materials are queuing up to be replenished to the ORIGINAL tech that is no longer assigned to that job.

Jobs on our dispatch board change by the hour, whether it be someone called out sick, a different stop came in, etc. We are often having to unassign calls and assign a different tech. This is going to cause materials to be replenished to the wrong person often. In order to remove this issue, it would work best if the tech that dispatched to the job and completed the job got any material replenishment that came from the job. NOT the tech that may not even have showed up to work that day. 



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Hello @kdelfera, I am happy to help answer this for you. 

If the technician on a job is reassigned directly on the job itself, there will be a pop up asking if you would like to update the inventory location to the new technician. This update was added on the ST Release 60 and can be found under "Option to update the Inventory Location" on the release notes here.

This logic does not apply when the technician is reassigned directly on the dispatch board at this time. When using this workflow, it is expected to need to reassign the inventory location on the invoice manually. 

Please feel free to add this to the ideas board so it can be considered for a feature update in the future. If you have any other questions or need technical support, we are here and happy to assist.