Purchase Order Mark-ups

I create purchase orders that show up on my invoices for parts but there are no mark-ups anywhere on my invoice even though I have purchase order mark-ups configured on the "materials" tab right above materials mark-ups. I'd like to enter a purchase ...

ACComfort by New Contributor
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Help Using Recurring Count Feature for Inventory Counts

Hi, ServiceTitan community. I am attempting to create recurring inventory counts, but when I hit the create recurring count button, it does not show up in my pending inventory count tab. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I may be misusing thi...

Sseddon by New Contributor
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Resolved! Searching for ordered parts on Purchase Orders

The problem is: Trying to quickly find parts which have been ordered in history.Under the Purchasing TAB / Purchase Orders or Under Search / Purchase Orders.... Both have filters. There should be parts filter option added. This way you could find all...

Bulk Edit PO's!

COMMUNITY-I-2492Idea Posted! I'm cleaning up for the end of the year and realized there are no bulk admin functions for purchase orders! Of course I can send a list to my CSM, but I'd like to be able to do it myself. I'd also like some expanded funct...

ashsmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Inventory Issues

Hello fellow service titan community. I am currently having an issue that I hope to find a solution to on these forums. From what I was told, we are required to have an employee (technician) applied to a truck in order for them to work in the field a...

Auto apply tags to jobs based on PO status

ST-63 has a lot of good warehouse focused updated, but this one specifically is exciting because of how we communicate parts arrival for ready to schedule (currently using a tag system to volley the job between warehouse/scheduling team)However, this...

Weighted Cost average

Hi all, Is anyone using the weighted cost average for items in the pricebook to take the cost from vendor POs? I have some questions about workflow processes that I would like to go over with a company that is using it. Thanks in advance,

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Payables Module - vendor invoice numbers and duplicates

My company uses the Payables Module - I have noticed while reviewing invoices that it will not flag or otherwise indicate if a vendor invoice is a duplicate when it is being entered - or even after it has been entered.It would be extremely beneficial...

Smiller by New Contributor
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Resolved! Tracking Non-Inventory Tracked Materials

Does anyone know of a way in ST to track or run a report on non-inventory tracked items? We do Kits where each item has a part number. However, those items don't have Inventory Tracked turned on. I am wanting to develop usages for these items to bett...

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