New to ST - Inventory Management - anyone use RFID?

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New to ST world and head lead in the integration and configuration with a scheduled go live later this year.     

Has anyone used RFID tags for inventory management?  Any app to allow for seamless data flow to ST?

Looking to manage warehouse stocks as well as vehicle stocks with issuing materials to jobs.  


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Hey @Henno  - my company Ply ( is an official Gold Partner with ServiceTitan and has deep integrations within the platform to help you manage your warehouse and truck stock.

Our mobile app allows your techs to scan parts from their phone then allocate those materials to a specific job pulled from ST. That data is then synced back in your ST account to give you a live look at stock levels. 

There's a few other bells and whistles but if this sounds interesting would you be up for hearing more?


Hi Grant,

Definitely interested in a demo.  I am in Adelaide, Australia, (ACT time), so there is a bit of a time difference.  


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Sure thing. Feel free to shoot me an email at to set something up.