Truck Replenishment

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Hey Team,

I was wondering if there is a way to set our trucks to default  replenish from our warehouse, instead of creating POs from each vendor. I know we can select them all and manually do it, I'd just like to skip that step if we can.



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I also wanting to know if this go be set to automatically generate and also is the a possible scheduled report that can be sent out communicating there is replenishment pending

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi Kevin,

You can set some or all trucks to replenish from your Default Warehouse when you go to Inventory > Replenishment, then set the replenishment source to the warehouse that receives your inventory.

Change Replenishment.png

Then you will replenish your trucks using transfers. When you select Create a transfer will be created in pending status.


Create Transfer.png




I hope this helps! 


Supporting Article Here

Yeah that's exactly how I've been doing it, I was more curious if there was way to just have it set automatically without having to manually make changes.