Purchasing Module Process Help

Hi there, I am working on getting our company to using the purchasing module effectively but I am having a hard time conceptualizing the process from start to finish. What triggers something as a "Replenishment"? How are those created? How is it diff...

caramhall by New Contributor
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Cost of material vs Markup Price

Does anyone know of a report to show what you purchased items/ equipment at (cost) vs. what your markup is on the item (sold to Client) and how many of the items/ equipment was sold?

bruggier by New Contributor III
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NEW to PO's etc. Please help

I know how to add PO's to the job from a receipt a tech gives me. But where and how do I enter a truck stock PO? Like if they buy wire or anything that is not specific job related to keep their trucks well stocked. We don't have replenishment going y...

tammyann by New Contributor
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Inventory replenishment

Good afternoon. I am wondering on the inventory replenishment, if it would be possible to have the actual item “Description” instead of item “Code”. It would make it easier to decide if I wanted to replenish it with out having look up each item with ...

BRiK by New Contributor
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Pricebook Layout

We've been with ST for one year, and the person who did our PriceBook did it completely wrong. So I'm having to rebuild it. The issue is when it was originally set up, that was not what I was set to learn I really don't have the informatio...

mbordine by New Contributor II
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Ferguson Enterprises Intergration?

Does anyone know if Ferguson Enterprises has a B2B with Service Titan? Ferguson has a great online store with live pricing and inventory quantities that I would like to see integrated with our Service Titan Price Book.

Resolved! Split off items that are invoiced from Vendor separately

Is there a way to split off items to be invoiced from vendor?Example: PO has 3 items. Vendor invoices one of the items. How can I just invoice that one item. Leaving the other two items open to be invoiced on future invoice(s) the vendor sends? Thank...

invoice due date

Has anyone had trouble with the terms of the invoices defaulting to "due upon receipt"? I understand this was caused by an update, but re-setting all of our vendor terms and invoice dates is extremely time consuming. Looking for a fix to this. Thanks...

bbpcahill by New Contributor
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Resolved! Inventory Count feature

For those using the inventory count feature, I have a few questions:1- If you do a full truck count and the tech has items not on the list, is the only solution an additional transfer?2- Who does A B C inventory thresholds? How did you determine what...

SherylBons by New Contributor II
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