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so with the last update it looks like something is wrong, when we click inventory and location nothing is there like inventory is not being added but i know it is , im not sure what happened or what to do, ive emailed my sm and waiting on a reply 


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I am having trouble updating inventory pricing.  I am updating fabric pins and weed barrier fabric and the price zeroed out in the allocation cost.  In turn this zeros out the price when we are putting a proposal together.  How do I fix this?

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Aaron did you get this resolved? Could you post a screenshot if not?

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Could you explain this a little more.  When I click on inventory --> inventory locations, I get a list of all of my inventory locations, warehouses and trucks both.  When I click on one of them, I see a list of inventory in that location.  When I click on an item from that list, I see its history, so what are you missing?

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so we didn't have set amounts anywhere they would enter on an invoice and it would show up in replenishment, nothing was counted ecxcept when we first put the truck on the road as we are smaller and don't have the man power, but now its not doing that