when doing a job a technician can create a PO to track cost on a job. The only problem with this is everything get classified under materials. We need a separate PO section for non material items like subcontractors, equipment and general labor help.

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New Contributor

I know that this is an older post. I am fairly new to this community format. I just came across your comment here and wanted to share my thoughts. We run an electrical contracting business, so this may be a little bit different from you I’m not sure. We actually created the subcontractors and the nonmaterial items such as rental equipment and other miscellaneous types as vendors. In other words whoever the Sub Contractor was that company was entered as a vendor. So, everything has a purchase order. We have an agreed amount via quote. We issue the purchase order to the subcontractor in and it is tied to the job. We do the same thing with rental equipment. We have all of the equipment locations as vendors and we issue purchase orders to the ones that have the best pricing. I don’t know if this helps, or if it is best practice. You may have already found a solution. I just thought I would share how we work around this.