Sending Product Brochures hyperlinked Automatically Material/Equipment Items

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Hello! In the most recent ServiceTitan update, hyperlinks added by html code in material & equipment items have been disabled or have broken. 

I embedded a link via HTML that takes the customer directly to the pdf brochure/sell sheet that was uploaded to a WordPress site or via google drive. The reasoning for this is simple & EVERY contractor will find this valuable: 

1. I created this solution so that my employees do not have to individually & tirelessly upload brochures to each job or project just so the customer can obtain the pdf brochure/sell sheet for the material/equipment we are proposing.

2. We have salespersons who send out bids all day s that is their job.  Due to the update, this hyperlinking equipment brochure has broken and due to this I reached out to ST support & their only recommendation is to manually upload the brochures to each job so the customer can obtain the equipment brochure that is accessible within the estimate. 

3. I have Salespersons who send out estimates all day. As suggested by ServiceTitan, a huge waste of time & therefore money will now occur because our staff is now forced to manually upload brochures for the same equipment/materials over and over. 

4. Brochures and sell sheets are extremely valuable to the customers so they can see exactly what they are getting. If we are proposing equipment that is classified as an "larger ticket" piece of equipment or material, you can absolutely expect the customer/decision-makers to want the brochure & as much info & specs as possible.

5. This will cut down on employee time spent when it comes to delivering estimates while increasing estimate approval rates because the customer will feel that we (ST users) are organized & present our proposal in a manner that is clear & efficient. 

6. ST platform is at a point where we should be able to take out redundances, fill in product gaps & enable autonomous workflows. This problem should be solved. 

Please advise & help! 🙌🙏

Link to hyperlink example (that was discontinued/broken):

How it looks in estimate format:


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I had come up with this same solution for brochures as well as videos and also lost all of the hyperlinks.

When I try to readd them, it will save when I hit the update button from the HTML edit screen, but the HTML code is lost when I hit the save button on the View/Edit Item screen. 

HTML I'm trying to use: 

<a href=" " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click For Brochure</a>