Mobile Tablet Loosing Notes and Job Details

New Contributor

Two of our technicians have been experiencing difficulty with their mobile tablets loosing notes and not syncing. There have been times where their notes from multiple jobs will get wiped and their arrival and dispatch times will be erased. In the office we see nothing but they see their notes and then they go away. We have had our guys re download the price book every morning because that seems to help, but has anyone else been experiencing this issue or know of a possible reason why? 



New Contributor III

We have had this issue, no known cause or resolution.  For us, if they see that red circle up in the top right corner, if they don't wait until it is counted down and gone, anything they enter will 99% of the time disappear.  It's time consuming and frustrating, but they just wait it out.

Contributor II

Hello, that sounds very frustrating. We have not had the issue yet. The only thing that I can think that might be contributing to this happening would be a weak internet connections. Sometimes when our techs are in basements or certain areas downtown they have connectivity issues.

That is good to know, I know one of our technicians says that when he is in an area with bad service he puts his tablet in airplane mode and it works fine. Although once he comes out of airplane mode all of his notes are lost even though they looked to be saved. Thank you for responding