Keeping track of jobs that we ordered material for

Does anyone have a workflow for keeping track of jobs, that are still in progress but you are waiting on material that you had ordered? We do not use the purchase order feature in ST. We have a number of jobs that after the first appt, we need to ord...

Add Job# in the Work Order PDF

Hello, It would be very beneficial to add a Work Order# field next to the Date field in the Work Order PDF file. This number will correspond to the Job#. We complete more than one services on the same date at the same location, so property managers a...

dkote by New Contributor
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Automatic invoicing nowhere to be found now?

Good afternoon!I no longer have access to Automatic Invoicing and wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?It's not in a setting or my feature configs.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Job Reports

How can I run a report that shows all open jobs, sorted by project manager?We are still getting our project managers to create Projects for new Jobs. I want to know what each PM's workload is before I meet with them individually. Thank you in advance...

emmabrda by New Contributor
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Jobs on Non-Managed Techs Don't Count Toward Cancel Rate?

Trying to confirm a theory about cancelled jobs. I believe that if a job is assigned to a non-managed technician, then it doesn't count toward our cancellation rate (at least in the Call Center Performance Legacy Report). The reason I think this is b...

jesjayhaz by New Contributor II
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PDF Form Smart Fields - Discounts and Rebates

Has anyone figured out a way to add a smart field to a PDF form (that's uploaded, not a ST form), that will pull the total discounts/rebates for an estimate that we can include on the contract? These are standard ST fields, so seems like this should ...

swilliams by New Contributor
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Various Job Types on Single Appointment

What are your best practices for tracking Job Types with various different types of services performed on the same appointment? For example, a customer calls in and they have two separate issues; 1) Garbage Disposal Installation and 2) Toilet Repair....

sanapol by New Contributor
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List of Customers Served to date

Does anyone know if there is a report that I can run to get a list of all the customers we have served year to date? So far all I have been able to find is customer list, which turns back a list of every customer in our system and not the customers t...

mleahy by New Contributor III
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Deposits on Financing Job

Hey ST Group - we had a concern come up during our managers meeting where we find ourselves in a pickle where a customer canceled a job they are financing, and provided no "like cash" deposit. This typically happens when a job is scheduled out. It's ...

Mcaulder by New Contributor
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