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Simply spending money on marketing efforts without proper optimization can lead to wasted resources and budget. That's why it's crucial for trades businesses to optimize their marketing spend to get the best return on investment possible. Let's take a look at some tools your business can use to drive more revenue and lower costs without needing to increase marketing spend.

Campaign Tracking Numbers

If you are just starting out and your business is using one phone number across your marketing channels and campaigns, make this your first step in marketing optimization. A tracking number is a virtual phone number that forwards to a physical line in your office.  You can attach tracking numbers to a marketing campaign to provide you with important data on how your marketing campaigns are performing, so you can make better decisions on how to optimize your spend.

>>Add Tracking Numbers

Phones Pro - Second Chance Leads (BETA)

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Your marketing campaigns may be driving calls to your business, but for many reasons unbooked calls might not get a second look. CSR Managers don't have the time to listen to and review many calls, often missing chances to coach CSRs and save the lead.

If you have a call center and use Phones Pro, you can join the waitlist to get access to Second Chance Leads (BETA) - powered by Titan Intelligence.  Second Chance Leads uses Titan Intelligence  to review your calls, identify certain criteria indicating a missed booking opportunity and categorizes those calls as potential Second Chance Leads. By automatically reviewing and flagging unbooked calls that we believe can be saved with a followup call back to the homeowner, your business can increase revenue without having to increase marketing spend.

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Marketing Analytics

Regularly analyzing and optimizing your marketing campaigns is crucial to getting the best return on investment. Track the performance of your campaigns using the Marketing Analytics page and identify which channels or strategies are generating the best results and which ones are underperforming. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing efforts accordingly. For instance, if you find that your social media advertising is driving more conversions compared to your email marketing, consider reallocating some of your budget from email marketing to social media advertising to maximize your ROI.

>>Go to Marketing Analytics page

Marketing Pro - Ads Measurement

Maximizing ROI for your digital ads starts with better ads measurement. Your business can automatically attribute campaigns to revenue and display true ads ROI all within ServiceTitan.

If you have Marketing Pro (Full Suite), you can connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts to ServiceTitan and get true ROI by tying campaign performance to actual jobs and revenue. You can also save time with ad performance reporting by automating campaign attribution using Dynamic Call Tracking. Together, Ads Measurement lets you easily identify wasted marketing spend, so you can make better business decisions on where to allocate your budget.

>>Learn more about Marketing Pro Ads Measurement

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